Using design & technology to turn the familiar into the extraordinary

At XtendR we are here to augment all existing media channels. We are here to turn almost anything and everything into an interactive channel, making every touch point an engaging, and delightful short-form experience


An omnichannel approach, the Phygital universe is one where all physical channels converge into the digital world giving consumers a completely seamless integrated experience. One that is unique, efficient and highly-personalized ensuring


The new dimension offers enormous opportunities for brands to augment their positioning and revolutionise the way they connect and engage with their customers

The use of AR & AI as a tool helps brands drive greater understanding of their audience – delivering more engagement and happier customers

Captivate audiences by creating experiences on demand

Deliver a greater understanding of consumer behaviour

Extend the available real estate for brand communication

Ensure higher brand recall

Turn all passive channels of communication into active platforms of better engagement

Establish emotional brand connect through immersive experiences


Bring physical spaces to life by creating an immersive experience on the consumers’ mobile screen. Allowing increased efficiencies, new opportunities and an alltogether more effective engagement


Our technology sits at the cusp of XR and Artificial Intelligence. We bring the latest research in AI and Deep Learning into commercial applications for brands. From hyper-realistic face reconstruction to GANs created novel designs and complex object recognition, we bring new & emmerging capabilities to the board

Our vision is to make this seamless integration of XR & AI accessible to our clients, giving them an opportunity to tell their story in the extended reality, evoking emotions and enhancing communications making it ever closer to the real world

XtendR is an intersection of design & technology, where the best in class come together to bring innovative & immersive end-to-end solutions using AR, VR, MR together with AI. This extended reality is disrupting the future of every industry as we know it – and we would love to take you on that journey